Better Sleep For All

We’re bringing better sleep to everyone, starting right here in our San Francisco Bay Area home. 

We want you to wake up fresh, clear-headed, ready to spring from bed and take on the day. Even more importantly, we want you to get deeply restful, restorative sleep in a non-toxic, chemical-free bed that supports your health and wellbeing.

That’s why we’re bringing you a full line of all natural, organic mattresses and bedding built for every body type and sleeping style, handmade with love in San Francisco.

You deserve to sleep better on an organic, all-natural bed by Sleep365.

Locall Owned and Empowering in the San Francisco Bay Area

We’re a gay-owned, NGLCC-certified company – that means 51% of our ownership is gay – and we have a commitment to empowering women throughout our company. 

We wear our hearts on our sleeve, and celebrate our people as they are.

But more than any specific labels, we’re committed to running our business based on a foundation of love, respect, and inclusion. That goes for all our customers, too — no matter who you are, you’re loved and respected.