Natural Latex

Natural Latex

Natural latex is sustainably sourced from the sap of rubber trees. Unlike synthetic mattress foams, natural latex is a renewable resource. 

Natural latex conforms to your body like memory foam, but offers a sleeping-on-clouds sensation that’s unparalleled. Unlike memory foam, natural latex provides a temperature-controlled sleep experience that won’t leave you overheated. Air flows through the natural latex, keeping you cool and comfortable.





We pad our mattresses with super-soft, sustainable, and carefully harvested organic or virgin wool from sheep raised humanely under organic farming practices and fed an organic diet.

Why wool? This natural fiber provides moisture-wicking for all those sweaty nights (hey, it’s natural), and temperature regulation. 

Plushy softness, perfect temperature, and no more sweaty nights. Wool delivers it all.





Organic Cotton

Our GOTS-certified organic cotton ensures that your bedding covers meet organic farming standards and environmental issues from processing.

Non-organic cotton is often grown with chemical pesticides and herbicides that can be toxic to farm workers - and these same chemicals can have adverse health effects when they rub up against your skin. Yuck. Our organic cotton will leave you sleeping easy knowing that you’re snuggled up to a healthier, eco-conscious alternative.