Adjustable Base


Adjustable Bed Frame Base

Do you ever wish you could just sleep in your favorite recliner? Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone. We get it! Well you don’t have to feel guilty anymore when you turn your flat, boring sleep system into a lifestyle enhancing, snore stopping, reflux reducing, tension relieving, circulation improving, ergonomic sleep machine. Watching TV or reading in bed never felt so good when your favorite position is just a touch away. No more piling up pillows under your knees and head trying to get comfortable. That’s so 90’s. You’ll fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up more refreshed than ever before. It’s like a fountain of youth right there in your bedroom. But while we’re confident that you’ll feel younger in the morning, we can’t guarantee you’ll look younger. Shrug… 🤷🏽

 Tool-free assembly is required. Please read all instructions before assembling your new adjustable bed frame base to avoid unwarrantable damage or injury.

 * King and Cal King sizes are one piece and intended to use with a matching size
   mattress. For Split King set ups, please order two Twin XL units. There is NO Split
   Cal King.


  • Head/Foot Up/Down
  • One Touch Flat
  • Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore Presets
  • Set Your Own “One-Touch” Favorite Positions
  • Child Safety Lock Out
  • No Polyurethane Foam
  • Made Without Fire Retardants
  • 1000lb Lift Capacity
  • Free Shipping (Continental US only)
  • Tool-Free Assembly Required
  • 10yr Manufacturer’s Warranty

Weights & Dimensions:


Twin XL @ 18”W x 76”L x 7.5”H; 114lbs
Queen @ 18”W x 76”L x 9”H; 138lbs
King (Ships in 2 boxes) @ 18”W x 76”L x 9”H; 90lbs/66lbs
Cal King (Ships in 2 boxes) @ 18”W x 76”L x 9”H; 90lbs/66lbs

Finished Product

Twin XL @ 37.25”W x 78.75”L x 14”H
Queen @ 58.25”W x 78.75”L x 14”H
King @ 74.25”W x 78.75”L x 14”H
Cal King @ 70.25”W x 82.75”L x 14”H

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