Organic Wool Bed Pillow



100% GOTS-certified organic wool Hypoallergenic Mold, mildew, and dustmite resistant Temperature regulating Eco-friendly & sustainable

100-Day Trial

Don’t lose sleep over your purchase. You don’t buy a mattress often — so you want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. You can’t do it by lying down for 5 minutes in a showroom; you need a few nights to make sure it really checks out. That’s why we give you 100 nights to sleep on it, and make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. If you’re not satisfied, just send us a note and we’ll pick it up. You’ll have the option to exchange it for a different Sleep365 model, or get a full refund.

11-Year Warranty

A free trial isn’t enough. Cheap mattresses break down pretty quickly. So a free trial isn’t enough — you need to keep on feeling good for years after you’ve purchased your bed. Sleep365 has you covered. Our 11-year, full replacement warranty covers normal wear and tear and guarantees that your bed won’t break down, and will perform as well 11 years from now as it does today. For warranty information on our partner’s Naturepedic products, give us a call or visit here.