Organic Wool Mattress Topper


Everyone wants to come out on top. Our organic wool mattress topper will leave you feeling on top of the world with 4” of certified organic wool wrapped in certified organic cotton. Add a luxuriously plush layer to any mattress and experience out-of-this-world temperature control — naturally!

What’s so special about wool? It may seem like a humble material, but wool is the secret to a bed experience that’s anything but. Wool cradles your body in softness while naturally regulating your body temperature and wicking moisture away from your body. Stay comfortably cool in the summer, cozily warm in the winter, and say goodbye to overheated, sweaty nights. 

A luxurious addition to your existing natural mattress or an easy way to increase the comfort and health of a conventional mattress; our natural mattress topper offers an all-natural, organic barrier between your body and toxic synthetic foam mattresses.


  • GOTS Certified Organic Wool
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton


  • Certified Organic
  • Chemical-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural materials

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Better Sleep for the Good Life

Is your sleep helping you live the good life, or is it getting in the way? There’s nothing better than bouncing out of bed feeling refreshed and restored and eager to face the new day. But that’s not always the case - and behind many a bad night is a bad mattress to blame.

If you’re not getting the best sleep of your life, it may be time to get a better mattress. Here’s our recipe for the best sleep ever