How does SLEEP365 compare to other brick and mortar mattress stores?

One Thing You Didn’t Do In The Showroom Was Sleep

And a LOT has changed since you bought your last bed. If your last mattress was purchased new, you probably went to a store, kicked off your shoes and stared at the ceiling tiles as you crawled onto one mattress after another. The one thing you probably didn’t do in the showroom was sleep.

A two-minute “test rest” isn’t going to tell you which mattress is right for you. Neither will a fast-moving sales pitch about “springs” vs. “coils”, “memory foam” vs. “regular foam”.

Shopping in Showrooms

A showroom can have dozens of mattress styles. They want you to think you have a lot of choice when you don’t. The sales person will likely steer you to the bed they want you to buy – the one that’s overstocked in the warehouse or has the biggest commission. Cheap models are often designed to make the more expensive ones seem like the better deal.

It’s not even that big of a deal if you shop around because the store across the street and the one down the block are likely owned by the same company.