SLEEP365 Warranty:

When You Purchase a Mattress, You’re Buying 11 Years of Quality Sleep

When you think of life’s big purchases, a house or a car might come top of mind. But your bed just might have one of the biggest impacts on your life.

Depending on your sleep schedule, you will spend one third to half of the next 11 years sleeping on your mattress. The quality of sleep you enjoy will affect your productivity, vitality and happiness during your waking hours.

You wouldn’t put a cheap pair of tires on an expensive car, so why put a substandard mattress under yourself while you sleep? At SLEEP365, you don’t need to choose between quality and value.

We assume all of the risk

100% Refund

That’s why customer education is just as important as mattress quality.

If you don’t absolutely love your bed, we will remove it at no cost to you and submit a free refund. We have an incredible track record of satisfied customers by helping you select the best bed to fit your body and sleep style.

After the free trial, our beds are still covered by a 11-year, full replacement warranty.

A mattress warranty is only as good as the company behind it. A company that goes out of business won’t be able to help you down the road. We’ve been doing this for more than 40 years. We ship direct to consumer while also supplying stores. We aren’t going anywhere.